Pintail Rat Tail Combs 3pcs Anti Static Heat Resistant Fine Tooth Sectioning Parting Styling Loc Comb with 1 Alligator Hair Clamp Haircare Heatless

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Rat Tail 5pcs Stainless Steel Pin Tail Combs Anti-static. A Pin Tail comb, also known as a rat tail comb, is a useful tool for hairstyling. It has a pin that separates the hair, while the handle helps to clip it up. It is often paired with a curling iron or straightening iron to style hair quickly and efficiently.

This comb end is typically made of metal and is made of lightweight, heat-resistant preventing melting and making them ideal for thermal styling like straightening, chemical processes, locking hair, twisting hair and smoothing treatments. They are also static-free, resulting in smooth, frizz-free hair with no flyways. The teeth are seamlessly rounded, providing a smooth flow when combing and styling hair, without any rough plastic edges that can damage your hair.

The combs are firm to enable a clean, even hold on hair, essential when cutting. With an array of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect comb for styling hair, cutting, or general use. Designed with careful consideration.

The pin tail comb offers effortless control and smooth, drag-free combing. Achieve superior hair care with this powerful tool. This comb is a versatile tool that is suitable for all hair types, hair lines, scalp sensitivities, and preferences. It works wonders on any head of hair, regardless of how it is styled or maintained There's a comb suitable for everyone in your household to meet their styling needs These stainless steel pin tail combs are suitable for hair parting, styling, back combing, post styling, and hair coloring. They feature a long, thin stainless steel pin tail and are easy to grip.

PACKAGE INCLUDES】: 3 x pin tail combs & 1 alligator hair clamp (various colors)

【SIZE】: 9 in length x .25 in width

【WEIGHT】: 1 oz each pin tail comb

【COLOR】: Solid black

【TAIL】: Easy grip stainless steel tail handle

【FEATURES】: Fine - heat and chemical resistant for all hair types

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