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The Boss Hair Lace Tint Spray

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Item# / SKU#:  10789-10792

The Boss Hair Lace Tint will melt your lace away. 

All of you lace wig wearers know how important it is to use good quality lace wig products. We have created a lace tint spray to help you acheive an undetectable install!

You will instantly change the color of your lace using with just a few pumps, little goes a long way. 

You may apply as many coats of our Lace Tint Spray until you have reached the desired shade. 

How to use, (After Bleaching the knots):

  1. Shake the lace tint spray before use.
  2. Place the lace wig from inside out,  hold the lace tint spray 1-3 inches away and spray a few pumps until you reach the desired shade. The formula is buildable, the lace can get darker as you add several coats.
  3. Let it air dry completely (Air dry is recommended than blow-dry).
  4. Proceed to the installing the lace wig.

Compilation Demonstration videos from customers who have used the product. See This Video

Disclaimer: As we know there are different lace material used in the market from the good ones and not so good ones this is to say, if you are Light skin and have a lace material that is dark-greenish than your skin tone even before using the Lace tint, the Light/Caramel-brown Lace Tint may not work for that particular lace. Our Tint Spray works best on Light Brown Swiss, Transparent, and HD Lace Materials.


Brown lace tint available for light skin tones.

– Medium brown lace tint for medium skin tones.

Dark brown is also available for darker skin tones.

Darkest brown is also available for darkest skin tones.


See our skin tone chart for reference, to help you select the perfect tint shade.