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Magnetic Eyelashes 3 Pair w/Liner & Lash Applicator Tool

$15.00 $19.99

Lashes for When Eyelash Glue Is Just Too Much Effort!

Our magnetic eye lashes are the best alternative. A lot of ladies have chosen magnetic lashes as their daily wear. Take them off at night and reapply them in the morning. They instantly give you a dramatic affect.

No adhesive required. Simply apply the eyeliner that contains magnets and the lashes also contain magnets so that the two can attach to each other.

They are much easier and faster to apply than the traditional falsies. No waiting time for the adhesive to become tacky, and they’re also less messy. 

If you know how to apply liner on your top eyelid then you will be a pro at installing our new magnetic lashes. Line your eyes as you would with a regular eyeline, and apply your magnetic lashes, and your lashes should be set.


1. Line the eyes with the magnetic liquid liner and let the formula dry completely. Apply additional layers for additional hold (3 layers recommended). DO NOT let the last layer dry. 

2. Apply magnetic lashes along your lash line from corner to corner, press down to secure. 

3. If you must readjust the positioning of the lashes, simply re-apply fresh coats of liner before re-applying the lashes.