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Hair Resuscitator


The hair treatment bonds onto the hair changing the texture. It literally gives dead hair life making it feel new again.

We have 5 different treatments to pick from and 2 different size bottles

200g will treat 60 or more lace wigs depending on the density

15g (sample size bottle) will treat 25 or more lace wigs depending on the density

6771-SSTF: #1Seller Hair will look and feel silky & soft also makes hair tangle free. Also has some of the 6774 added.

6774-WDST: 2nd Best Seller Good for repairing weak hair & damaged hair making the hair strong again. Good on color treated hair & Indian Hair which is the weakest, thinnest and easiest to damage especially when it’s bleached or dyed. This treatment makes hair soft and tangle free. Does not have a silky look. It’s also good to use on curly hair retains curl pattern. Can be mixed with 6770-SSD & 6771-SSTF to get full effects of all 3

6770-SSD: Does not give a silky & shine look but hair will feel really soft.

6778-BBTF: Makes hair bodiful, bouncy & tangle free. Has very little shine. Retains curls but not as much as 6774-WDST. Almost the same as 6771-SSTF except makes hair softer look and feel, less shine. Because of the dull look and soft feel more suitable for white people.

6788-HRSB: Good to use on heat resistant hair and to make synthetic blended hair bouncy & soft. Human hair with synthetic strands will feel and respond like human hair. Hair will become silky, soft and tangle free.

99.99% of the hair you purchase from any country was treated with a hair treatment like ours. Their treatment washes off after a few washes or sometimes 1 wash. If The Boss Hair Resuscitator Hair Treatment is used properly it can last 3-6 months or over dozens of washes. 

After The Boss Hair Resuscitator hair treatment is complete you can shampoo, rinse, straighten, perm hair and the treatment will not be affected.



  • Detangle & shampoo with silicone free shampoo & allow to dry
  • Dip in Hair Resuscitator for 10 seconds
  • Let air dry in 80 degrees or hotter room until the hair is completely dry