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VIP Lace Wig Install Membership Terms & Conditions

Once a month you will be charged $50 for our exclusive VIP Lace Wig Install Membership.

The membership rate will sound expensive to a few of you, but a few good perks come with this membership.

In reality the $50 will actually be given back to you! The VIP Lace Wig Install Membership is just one way to show us that you are serious about booking with us. 

Benefits Included:

  • Up to two guaranteed appointments each month.
  • No extra After Hours or Urgent Appointment upcharges.
  • $25 discount on any lace wig in our Best Collection every month.
  • $25 off your install twice a month (a $50 Value)
  • Guaranteed to get you in within three days (excluding holidays or any pre-scheduled time off allow up to 7 days)
  • No deposit required to book
  • You don't have to worry about booking your own appointment! You are a VIP Member, Remember! Call me or text me to book it for you. 
  • Your calls will get answered by me (unlike before). If I don't answer I will call you back. 
  • You have 12 hours to cancel (instead of 48).

    Your VIP Lace Wig Install Membership will be active immediately. $50 will start your membership today! There's no extra cost to become a VIP Member and you can cancel the membership at any time.

    The VIP Lace Wig Membership is non-transferable and cannot be shared. Discounts do not roll over to the next month. Every month you will receive a new discount code to purchase a lace wig off our website from our Best Collection of lace wigs. 

    One membership per customer. 

    Read Below: Certain exceptions and restrictions apply.

    Now, Let's talk about the small print that nobody likes!
    The Terms & Conditions are in a FAQ style

    Who Benefits with this membership?
    This membership will only benefit those who didn't get the opportunity to set up a recurring appointment, those who pay the current install rate, those who would like to come on a regular basis but just can't seem to get in consistently for various reasons.

    Do I have to come twice a month because my lace wig stays on for a month?
    No, you can come once a month. Think about it, once a month + the membership fee is still very affordable. Ask around, it's really a great deal.

    What if I am on a recuring appointment schedule but I would like to become a VIP Member?
    That's not a problem at all, I will remove your recurring appointment and you can sign up for the membership. You will pay the current install rate and have access to all the perks that comes with being a VIP Member. Do the math, even if you come to me once a month this is still a great deal! 

    It sounds good MrsGwen but I'm not used to paying that amount of money for a Lace Wig Install?
    Prices on everything has increased over the last couple of years. Others will agree that my installs keep people coming back also I am dependable, reliable, loyal, honest, people oriented, business savvy, classy with a little street and polite. With all of that being said, looking at what everybody else is charging honestly, I'm not charging enough. They say you get what you pay for but at The Boss Hair you get more than what you pay for.

    What is the purpose of this membership?
    Due to the overwhelming demand for my installs and the increased last-minute cancellations, we've decided to try a new method that will make it easier on everybody. Trying figure out who to book, who will show up, who will cancel is like rolling the dice. Sign up for this membership and by doing this, I will know who's serious and who's not.

    What if I get one install then cancel my membership before my one-month membership ends?
    Your membership perks cancel out the moment you cancel your membership. There's no refunds nor prorated refunds.  If you only used one install for the month and you canceled your membership before using the 2nd install, your membership voids out immediately.

    Since I am a VIP Member do I get any discounts on your wigs?
    You get a $25 discount on our best collection of lace wigs. You must order online line though (I'm sorry). The membership is set up for online use only. In order for everything to work adequately you must head to the website to sign-up for the membership and to order your wigs using the $25 discount. If you are afraid of technology or just simply don't like it, this membership isn't for you. The discount doesn't roll over and the lace wigs discounts can only be used once. Every month you will receive a new discount code as long as the membership is active. 

    Will I still have to book my own appointments?
    You all will love this part! All VIP Members never have to book their own appointments ever again. Contact me 817-966-6199 rather by phone call or email and I will book it for you. We will work together to find you a spot within the next 3 days to get you in. Some cases you might be able to get in the same day or the next day depending on my schedule! 

    What if I call you 2 days before it's time for my membership to renew?
    In this case I might or might not be able to get you in before it renews. As always, I will try my best to make it possible but there a chance it might not be possible. 

    What if you're on vacation and I need to come within 3 days you will be gone?
    Always check my calendar ahead of time. My off days for the year will be entered ahead of time. If you are trying to contact me and there's no answer, there's a possibility I might be on vacation. Soon as I get back, I will get you in as soon as possible. If there's a case when I must take additional days off, I will update the calendar.

    What if I call you 3 days before a holiday or your scheduled vacation time off?
    The week of a holiday or my scheduled vacation time off will be the only time I won't be able to get you in within 3 days. I am usually fully booked months in advance before all Holidays and my vacation time off. There will be a 7 day window or soon as I return. Check the calendar to get an idea of what days I will be off. 

    Will there ever be additional fees if I call you every time for you to get me in last minute?
    In the past I charged extra on last minute bookings, you no longer have to worry about that unless there's an exception to the policy. Your membership allows you to get in with no additional fees but if you desperately must get in the same day or within a few days before a holiday or my vacation then yes, an afterhours fee will be accessed. In some cases, I might have to book you after hours. If you are willing to wait the allotted number of days to get you in then no extra fees will be charged.

    Will I have to pay a deposit when you book my appointment?
    No deposit required when booking! You are a VIP Member! Call me or have your assistant to call me to get you in and it's done! That simple.

    What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    Now there's still boundaries here. If need to cancel / reschedule and you give me at least a 12 hour notice, I will find you another appointment. Isn't that great! No need to give me a 24 hour notice! But if you cancel / reschedule under 12 hours this will void that appointment for the month. If that was your second appointment of the two, you will be required to pay the full price for the next install or the other option is to wait until your membership renews. If I notice booking and canceling / rescheduling occurs quite often we might need to look at other options for you. 

    Do I still have to confirm my appointments?
    No! This is another good one that you will love! You don't have to confirm your appointment anymore! You will receive a reminder from a DO NOT REPLY number. But you won't receive one from me directly. I know you all don't like all the texts you receive from me so now that you are a VIP Member you don 't have to reply to me. Make sure you make note of the day and time you are supposed to come. 

    1. Pay your monthly membership 
    2. Call me to book your appointment
    3. Order your wig online before you come or while you're there if you want to use your discount. Pay in person full price.
    4. Show up to your appointment on time 
    5. Pay for your install saving $25 because you are a VIP Member...THAT'S IT