The Boss Hair Lace Wig Cleaning Service

We understand that caring for your lace wig is not easy. Proper care requires daily/weekly maintenance. Let the lace wig professionals at The Boss Hair free up your time. We will revive your lace wig for you when needed. 

We will revive any 100% human hair lace wig, the grade doesn't matter 6A-120A can be revived. All grades of Human Hair responds well with our cleaning process. 

Keep in mind, the highest grade to the lowest grade of hair all require proper hair care. Spending more money DOESN'T mean the hair will be maintenance free.

Your Lace Wig will be inspected for any holes, rips, shedding, knots and tangling before we accept it.

Service must be paid in full prior to leaving your lace wig.

Turn around time 10-14 days

All Lace Wigs must be dropped off at the office and picked up promptly when the service is complete.

We will not accept a lace wig that has knots some areas, matted in some areas and/or is shedding excessively and bald in some areas.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cleaning Service Includes $80:
Pay online and receive an Instant $20 discount
  • Glue/Tape Removal Front and/or Back
  • Shampoo & Condition Hair
  • Deep Condition Hair if needed
  • Seal Knots
S&S Hair Treatment (included):
Our New Soft & Silky Hair Treatment is guaranteed to get your hair back Soft, Silky, & Tangle Free! This treatment will have your hair looking and feeling almost new again.
  • Repairs Damaged & Weakened Hair
  • Adds Gloss and a Silky Look
  • Takes the tangle out of hair that keeps tangling
  • Repairs hair that's damaged from bleaching and dying
  • Your hair will look moist and feel very soft
  • Your hair will look vibrant 

Additional fees:

  • If hair is tangled & matted (no knots) extra cost to detangle it $20
  • Lace with excessive glue & tape build up from previous installs add $10
  • Repair minor rips & tears $10
  • If hair has excessive oil, sweat and/or hair product (sticky/gummy hair) $20
  • Flat Iron Hair or Wand Curl Hair add $10
  • Rush Service 24-48 hours days add $30
  • Rush Service 4-8 days add $10

All lace wigs are left to air dry unless a rush order is submitted.

We will not accept a lace wig that has knots some areas, matted in some areas and/or is shedding excessively.

Follow These Steps to Drop Off Your Lace Wig

Pay Online to Receive an Instant $20 Discount
Step 1: Write your name with permanent marker for identification purposes underneath the cap and place in a clear see through plastic bag.

Step 2: Complete the Drop-Off Form

Step 3:Take a picture of the inside and outside of your wig before leaving our location for your records. 

We will contact you soon as the service is complete. 

We are not responsible for lace wigs left past 30 days. We will call and text and/or email you when your lace wig is ready. Please make arrangements for pick up as soon as possible. In the event the lace wig is left past 90 days it will be discarded, no explanations or reimbursements will be given.

No Refunds on cleaning service. If we feel your lace wig is not worth reviving we will contact you before moving forward.


Drop-Off Form


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