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Tangling & Shedding Issues

If you wear lace wigs you will notice some lace wigs shed more then others. There is really no way to know what level of shedding you will experience and depending on how you care for your lace wig it's really difficult to narrow down the cause. 

Although excessive shedding is not very common and is usually as a result of not caring for your lace wig, here are a few preventive measures that you can take to avoid Lace Wig Shedding.

Keep in mind Color Hair, Deep Wave and Water Wave textures shed more than the others. Keep that in mind when deciding on a lace wig to purchase. 

The main causes for Lace Wigs Shedding are as listed here:

  • Combing a lace wig from the roots that's tangled.
  • Hair that hasn't been washed or conditioned 
  • Combing a lace wig which is still wet and tangled after washing.
  • Combing the wig from root to tip rather than doing it tip to root.
  • Applying extremely oily or greasy hair care products to the hair.
  • Not correctly preparing a wig for a wash.

How to prevent your lace wig from shedding?

Lace wig shedding can be avoided by caring for your lace wig in an appropriate manner. 

Here is a list of things you can do to prevent lace wig shedding. 

  • Use “Knot Sealer” before applying a new lace wig and before reapplying it. This product can be used to seal the knots on a lace wig especially full lace and 360 lace wigs. Those 2 are known to shed more due to the hair being tied into the lace, eventually the knots will loosen that causes the hair to shed. Knot sealer should be applied to the lace by turning the wig inside out. However make sure the wig is dry before wearing it. In addition make sure to reseal the knots after every wash.
  • Some of us have a habit of scratching our heads and others do it due to some irritation on the scalp. It is likely that the scalp is dry or requires a scalp treatment. However scratching your scalp is not good if you are wearing a Full Lace or 360 Lace Wig because scratching will cause shedding. You will notice that most Full Lace and 360 Lace wigs usually go bald in the back. The back is the area that itches the most. Avoid scratching because the lace wigs cost too much to not be able to pull it up in a ponytail due to bald spots n the back.
  • If you are dealing with dry itchy scalp see a beautician to treat your scalp or shampoo and moisturize your scalp bi-weekly. Tapping your head instead of scratching when the urge arises help too.
  • Use of a wide tooth comb or a wig brush (paddle brush) like a cushion brush to comb your lace wig.
  • There are many hair care products available however it is best to play it safe and not go testing every new product that pops up. Some products are known to be bad for the hair and cause breakage and shedding.
  • A lace wig can be worn in many ways and our lace wigs are applied using lace wig glue and tape which is perfectly fine to do so, it is also necessary to completely remove the tape and glue from the hair prior to washing it.
  • Excessive heat can cause damage to the hair and cause shedding. Also it is a good idea not to blow dry the hair on high setting because the heat may damage or loosen the knots. If you do need to blow dry your hair after a wash do it on a low heat setting but it's best to let the hair air dry.
  • Sleeping in a lace wigs also causes friction that can cause breakage and even shedding. Braid your hair or a high bun is good before going to sleep. This will also prevent the wig hair from tangling.