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Shampoo & Condition

If you lace wig is still on, you must wait 2 days before washing your hair to prevent premature lifting. 

Cleaning the Lace:

Clean the lace with 91% alcohol. Clean a small section at a time.

Spray alcohol on the lace and using an old dish towel rubbing the glue towards the hair. The glue will comb out of the hair very easy, Keep spraying alcohol and rubbing until that area is completely free of all glue and tape. 

It's best to clean the lace soon as you take the lace wig off because the adhesive is still warm from your body temperature and it rubs off so much easier. If you're having a difficult time removing the tape and adhesive then you will need to use C-22 Solvent. Spray the C-22 Solvent on the lace and let it set for 30-45 mins then try again. 

Now lets make sure all of the glue is removed from the baby hair. Spray the outer edge of the lace wig with alcohol and/or C-22 Solvent and comb out the adhesive using a rat tail comb. 


Washing Your Lace Wig

Comb your hair out first, make sure it's tangle free. Spray your conditioner and water mixture on the hair while brushing it from the bottom up. You must gradually wet the hair and brush it before washing it. If a lot of water is added at once, the hair will swell up and tangle really bad to the point of no return. 

After your hair is tangle free, saturate it with water keeping the hair straight running your fingers through it while adding shampoo. Finger comb the hair in one direction while keeping it straight. If your hair starts to tangle, stop and comb some Silicon Mix through the hair to stop the tangling. Now you may finish washing the hair. Do not rub the hair together because it will cause tangling and matting.

If you purchased jet black hair, the black dye will bleed onto your big towel so use an old towel.

Add Silicon Mix after you finish washing your hair and comb it through. Comb the hair straight and put it in a plastic bag and microwave for 60 seconds and leave it in the bag for a couple of hours. 

After you rinse the conditioner out, comb the hair straight all going in one direction. Pin the lace wig on a mannequin head or lay it flat and straight on a big towel to let it air dry. It's important to let the hair dry straight because you always want the hair to dry the way you want it to look afterwards. After the hair dries, spray knot sealer inside to seal the knots.

Boiling the Hair

Please don't allow your lace wig to get to this point because that means you have not been doing the daily and weekly maintenance that would have prevented a build up of hair product. If you washed the lace wig but the hair still feels oily, you will have to boil it to get all of the oil out. 

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil (do not add any oil to the water). Comb the hair out and coat the hair with Silicon Mix, hold the lace wig straight while submerging it into the boiling water. Do not put a tangled wig in boiling water nor a lace wig that you didn't comb out completely. If your hair is tangled, always comb it out before doing anything to it. Now let the lace wig boil for 5 mins. Remove from the water, comb tangles out, wash and condition the hair again (follow the Shampoo and Condition instructions)/ 

After boiling the lace wig if the water is really dirty follow the steps and boil the lace wig again until the water is clear afterwards.