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Lace Wig Removal

Products Needed:

  • 91% Alcohol (pour in a spray bottle)
  • an old towel or dish rag

It could take 20-30 minutes to remove your lace wig depending on how it was installed. Make sure you take your time.

Spray the perimeter lifting one area at at time. If applied with tape, try to lift the lace wig up while pressing the tape down. You want to remove the lace wig but leave the tape on you. 

Once you get the lace wig completely off then spray alcohol on the tape to remove it from your hairline. If you remove your lace wig and the tape is still on the lace wig, remove the tape immediately from the lace because once it hardens it's really hard to remove.

Be careful not rip the lace, keep spraying alcohol until the tape and adhesive loosens up, once it loosens up. It will come off easy. C-22 is also an option but you must wash your hair and the lace wig afterwards because C-22 is oily.

The Lace Wig won't be able to be reinstalled if there's tape still on the lace, the lace wig will need to be sent off for cleaning. 

Be careful don't rush because you will rip the lace and take out your edges. 


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