Install Policy

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Basic Install- $75
VIP Basic Install- $100
Touch ups: Are No Longer Available (recommend that you keep 2 good lace wigs at all times)
Custom Install: (currently unavailable to book, we can refer you to someone)

You may also add services to a Basic Install:

  • Braid hair before install $25
  • Bleach Knots, Mold Wig Cap & Seal Knots $25
  • Pluck Hairline $40 (not available, will refer you to someone)

We specialize in long lasting installs. You may add extra services if you select the Basic Install. Our lace wigs come pre-plucked from the factory.

We cater to the ladies with busy lifestyles who want a neat, affordable, simple install and those who don't have time to keep getting their lace wig reapplied every few days or every week.

We install lace wigs all the way around the perimeter (front and back). Our installs typically lasts two weeks or longer, depending on the individual. You're able to maintain your normal activity rather it's sweating from working out, working in a hot environment, dancing, swimming etc.

We Do Not:

  • Color, Cut nor Style Hair
  • Pluck Hairlines
  • Clean lace wigs the same day

Appointment Date
New Customers and Returning Customers:

Due to us not requesting a deposit before you book, it is mandatory that you confirm or cancel your appointment 24/48 hours prior. If we do not hear from you at least 24 hours prior chances are your appointment will be automatically cancelled and a deposit will be required before rebooking.  

Bring a new lace wig or a clean previously worn lace wig. Services will be refused if the lace wig is not clean. We will remove a lace wig that you are wearing but we will not reinstall it the same day. We only install Clean or New lace wigs.

Basic Install Process takes 1 hour 30 minutes $75
The lace wig is installed as is.
  • Thoroughly clean edges with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Make sure the lace wig fits properly
  • Apply lace wig cap to flatten the hair if needed
  • Cut the lace and seal the knots if needed
  • Apply lace wig adhesive and/or tape all the way around the perimeter
  • Install the lace wig making sure the lace wig is secure 
  • All lace wigs are pulled up in a high ponytail for the client to make sure the front and back is secure.
  • Baby hair in the front is usually left natural or with wave designs.

Custom Install Process (includes basic install plus services below) takes 2-4 hours $200 (NOT AVAILABLE TO BOOK AT THE MOMENT)
The lace wig is customized to give a more natural look. 

  • Braid your hair before the install if needed
  • Mold & Blend wig cap
  • Bleach the knots (must be done only once)
  • Seal the knots
  • Pluck the hairline
  • Tint the lace if needed (must be done only once)
  • Pluck the part
  • Trim & lay the baby hair as desired
  • Cut & Style the hair as desired
  • We must meet 2 weeks before your appointment to make sure the lace wig you want customized is suitable. If you are purchasing a lace wig from The Boss Hair the full payment of the lace wig must be made at the time of the meeting and a deposit must be paid to secure your appointment. 

Important Things to Remember: 

  • A non-refundable deposit will be requested upon some bookings. I will contact you if a deposit will be required.
  • Rescheduling from your email 24 hours in advance is allowed or contact me.
  • If your appointment is not cancelled 24 hours in advance you will be required to pay a $50 no show fee and you will be required to pay for the service in full before booking again. 
  • The service offered is a "Basic Install"  or a "Lace Wig Install" 
  • The "Touch-Up" option is no longer available
  • Your lace wig MUST be clean (hair and lace, oil free, sweat free!!! OR a new, never worn lace wig)
  • Basic Installs cost $75 (one price for everyone)
  • We will have VIP spots for those who don't like booking in advance or who need an emergency appointment.
  • No kids or guest allowed to come in during your appointment

Lace Wigs are available to purchase if you don’t need me to install it. We have store pick-up option available or we can ship it to you. 

Shampoo & Condition Lace Wig Service
Must drop it off, 14 day turn around $60-$80  due at the time of drop off (no same day service)

Install Information 
Installs typically lasts 2-3 weeks depending on your body chemistry and if the lace wig is new or previously worn. The lace wig will be installed all the way around the perimeter (front and back). New lace wig installs normally will stay attached longer. Previously worn lace wigs might not stay attached as long due to oils and sweat on the lace. Oil build up is really hard to remove from the hair and lace even after cleaning and washing the lace wig several times.

After Your Lace Wig Install
After receiving your install thoroughly check the front and back to make sure the attachment is secure before leaving. Apply a head wrap around the perimeter for 30 mins after your install.

Do not get your lace hairline wet for 2-3 days and make sure you keep the edges tied down as much as possible for the first 2 days. Sleep with the head wrap every night but especially the first 2 nights. If you start sweating remove the wrap immediately because sweating and the head wrap will cause the lace wig to slide.

It's also important to keep extra adhesives on hand in case of emergencies and for minor touch ups just in case your lace wig lift in a spot or two. The Boss Hair will not always be available every time an area lifts or doesn't adhere. Keep in mind that wearing a lace wig is a temporary style, it is not permanent. The adhesive that holds the lace wig in place is placed over pores/skin of your outer hairline. Those pores contain sweat glands. Sweat or moisture will break down the adhesive. Some people sweat more than others so take this into consideration before getting a lace wig for vacation or in extremely hot climates. I recommend wearing a lace wig for 2-3 months before vacationing so that you will know exactly how long your installs last.
Install Types
The Boss Hair uses two different types of install methods, one is the Basic Install and the other is the Custom Install (the custom install is not available to book at the moment). The Basic Install takes about one and a half because the lace wig is applied as is. The Basic Install looks really good so don't let the word "Basic" make you feel like it's not going to look good.  A lot has changed since we opened in Sept 2008 that makes the installs look more natural and in order to get the natural look, there's a few add-ons that must be done before installing the lace wig. 

Both installs looks as though the  hair is growing out of your scalp around the edges and when parted. If you're the type who doesn't like to style your hair or who would like to wear the lace wig 2-3 weeks before returning then the basic install will be perfect for you.

Installs with Tape vs Installs With Glue Only
We also offer installs with tape or installs without tape. Of course the installs with tape last longer normally 2 weeks or longer. Some clients installs last up to 2 months. I don't recommend leaving it on for 1 month -2 months if you care anything about your edges because the tape is so strong it won't come off on it's on. The tape will slowly slide back and because the hold is so tight it could possibly slide back taking the hair around your edges with it.

It's best to remove the wig every 2-3 weeks and get it reinstalled, after all your edges are more important...right? The installs without the tape are better on edges because after 5-14 days the glue will start to loosen and release the lace wig without pulling your hair around the edges.

Typically the installs without tape last 7 - 14 days but not longer then 14 days. Some clients are not fortunate enough to make it 7 days. I can't give you a definite time on this install because everybody's chemicals are different, some people sweat more then others and or has oily skin.

If you decide to get the install without the tape then I recommend that you book your next appointment 10 days from the date of your install because once the wig starts to slide it will slide all the way back without much warning. Do not wait 14 days because it might not hold. Save yourself some embarrassment and schedule ahead.
If your life is busy and your funds are low, get the install with the tape.

MzGwen onwer of The Boss Hair, owner operated.



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