Getting to Know your Shopify Collab Account

Your brand ambassador Shopify Collab account is set up and ready to use.

Discover: Shopify Collab will give you early access to discover other brands using your Shopify Collabs account. You will receive an email soon as the program is complete. 

Collabs: You will see all the brands you are currently working with in Shopify Collabs, pending applications, and inactive collabs.

Affiliate Products: You can search for new products your affiliates are offering for you to promote and request links to share, and your saved products with the links.

Gifts: You can view your past and current gifts

Analytics: Shows your analytics, number of visits & sales from those accessing your link.

Payouts: You must share your PayPal email address here. Your payments with be sent to your PayPal account. PayPal Payments Only!

Click your name in the right corner to add your picture and complete your profile. No one has access to your profile but you!