Some people are natural influencers, but they aren't aware of it. We at The Boss Hair are looking for new up-and-coming brand ambassadors. Individuals to reach customers beyond our typical ad campaign strategies. Most of our customers know the ins and outs of our brand or brands like ours.

Our Brand Ambassador Program

Can you be someone who speaks positively about our company? Kick shout-outs on social media about our business, show off your latest purchases and recommend us to your followers.

We want ambassadors who are ride-or-die fans. Those who know us and know our brand and who “get” us. Those who are the first to “Like” and comment on our posts.



Fill out our simple application to apply. We will look at your social media account(s).



Tell all your friends, family, and social audience about your unique ambassador code to earn commission + score free hair.



Follow our social media channels for all the best content. 


Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for satisfied customers, or supporters to attract people. Someone who is interested in forming a relationship with our brand, and not someone more interested in growing their own social following or scoring discounted or free hair.

There's no one size fit all when it comes to selecting brand ambassadors to represent our company. We want to keep our top tier brand ambassadors relatively small. We have great opportunity for all, but it will require beginners to work their way up. If it's in you, it won't be hard, but if it isn't, you won't last long.  Not only that, but we want those who like our hair, and like what we stand for, not just promoting for the commission or hair benefits.

Our Criteria

US citizen, willing to grow their followers, and comfortable engaging with their audience. A good brand ambassador won't need any assistance in crafting their messages and won't need to be micromanaged. We would like you to deliver positive messages about our brand.  You don't have to be an influencer, as such, you just need to be eagerly willing to participate and have an audience that you can influence. Your audience doesn't have to be big because there's room to grow.

We know brand ambassadors will clearly enjoy any payment, but a brand ambassador who has passion for our hair will talk about our brand and share our website without any payment. If this has been you in the past, now is the time to start getting paid simply by doing something you've already been doing.

Why are we looking for brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador can honestly talk about our company's strengths without sounding like a paid advertisement. They typically don't talk in sales-talk. They sound natural because they genuinely believe what they are saying about the brand on social media. 

We have unofficially been working with so-called brand ambassadors for some time. This new brand ambassador program formalizes these arrangements. It also helps ensure that we have the best people promoting our products for us.

If you love hair and talk about hair, sign up to get paid simply by telling others where you get your hair from. We have different tiers. If you don't like promoting on social media, but you share face to face, apply and get your own link to share and get paid.

Our top tiers are the enthusiastic, outgoing individuals with a considerable social media presence and a medium to large-sized network. He or she presumably is already familiar with and endorses the brand being represented.

If you qualify for one of the tiers that grant discounts and free hair, you must be willing to follow the brand ambassadors guidelines. Our guidelines are simply, but any anytime if the guidelines aren't being met, the brand ambassador agreement will have to end. For that reason, the top tiers are for those who are comfortable being interactive on social media. If being active on social media isn't your character, applying to be a top tier brand ambassador will not work out with us or any other business, but we have a tier that you can get started in.

If you apply and your application gets approved, this doesn't mean you will be receiving free hair. Free hair will be granted to those who have experience and a large amount of followers. If you would like to climb the ladder to reach the top tier, click here to apply.

Pages to visit

  1.  Tier Levels
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Apply Here
  4.  Getting to know your Collab Account
  5. BAE Storefront (Brand Ambassadors Emporium Storefront)
  6. FAQ


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