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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is The Boss Hair? How long they been in business?
The Boss Hair is an owner operated business that was established in 2008. Selling and installing lace wigs is our specialty. We have decided to take our business in a different direction in putting some focus on selling hair rather than installs only. In order to get more traffic to our brand, we've decided to reach out to those who are in constant contact with the community.

Influencers are great because they will test our hair and give us honest feedback before promoting it to their audience.
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What products are you wanting the influencers to promote?
Lace Wigs, headband wigs, Bundles, and tape in hair extensions.

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What type quality of hair do you sell?
We sell virgin hair and high quality virgin hair. We want our ambassadors to sell only the high quality hair. We have a page set up that will direct you and your audience to the hair that you will be showcasing.

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How does the commission work? Will I get free hair?
The commission is paid based on your followers, but it can sometimes vary. We have 4 tiers set up and the top tier is the only tier who will receive free hair. All other tiers will receive monthly discounts. 
Will I be able to move up?
Of course, we set it up like this because if you are serious about your business, it won't take you long to move up.
What if I don't have the required followers but I am producing a lot of orders?
That alone warrants every reason for you to be moved up.
Where do you want your hair promoted?
On any or all of your social media platforms. Your commission is paid based on the number of orders we get using your link. Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. You must promote on at least one of them or all three to possibly increase your overall sells
How will my clients get their discount?
Once you apply, and you are approved, you must create an account using Shopify Collab. A link will be emailed to you. At that time, you must read and accept the agreement in the “Thank You” email. Your shareable link and your discount code will be the name you requested, or it will be your social media handle. 

Your audience's discount code will automatically populate once they put their items in the shopping cart and the discount will be visible.
How do I get paid? Who keeps track of my orders and how will I know
Everything is done in Shopify Collab apps. It's automatic, and you will be able to see your sells and performance when you log into your account.
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